Tenant to pay landlord $3800 for meth contamination
Mark Gregory Dillon must pay his landlord $3818 after contaminating the house with methamphetamine. 
Dillon moved out of the Beachlands, Auckland, home at the end of 2016, but the claim was lodged with the Tenancy Tribunal two years later. Dillon lived in the house with Jessica Proctor. But Proctor could not be tracked down for the tribunal hearing so property manager Barfoot and Thompson went after Dillon alone. When Dillon moved out the landlord carried out testing for methamphetamine and found a reading of 1.84 micrograms per square metre in the bathroom off the main lounge. This reading exceeded the level in both the Ministry of Health guidelines of 0.5 micrograms  and the New Zealand standard of 1.5 micrograms, the tribunal said. Dillon claimed he did not use methamphetamine due to his mental health issues, and that he was not often at the house as he was often away for work, and intermittently in the Middlemore Hospital mental health unit. He said that he had no idea if Proctor used methamphetamine. But the tribunal determined that methamphetamine was in the house either by Proctor or others her permission, knowing that damage was a virtual certainty. While the house had not been tested before Dillon moved in the house had been completely renovated immediately before the start of the tenancy and the tribunal was satisfied that the contamination to the bathroom occurred during the tenancy, the tribunal found.

Tenants must leave a house reasonably clean and tidy and return all keys. But Dillon had left behind stains on the carpet, a missing curtain and also failed to return all the keys.

Dillon was ordered to pay $2000 in landlord’s insurance excess, $1254 for the cost of meth testing and decontamination and $564 in total for damage to the property including the carpet and the curtain.

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