A tenant who tried to shorten his rental agreement by claiming he was moving to care for his dying friend – but went on holiday to Bali – must pay his landlord $12,665.Justin John Moses signed a 12-month fixed term tenancy with Zephyr Trustee Services Limited on March 21 this year. The rent was $1200 a week. The tenancy was meant to start on April 11, but a day after signing the tenancy agreement, Moses told the landlord that a family friend in Bluff, whom he thought of as a brother, had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Moses sent a text message on April 1 saying, because he did not know how long the illness would go on, he no longer planned to move in.Under the Residential Tenancies Act a fixed-term tenancy may be reduced due to unforseen changes in either party’s circumstances and cases of severe hardship.But the landlord said Moses should still have to pay the rent that was owing until a replacement tenant was found.Moses claimed his company had informed him of a restructure and there was a possibility he could be made redundant.But the tribunal found this did not eventuate.Moses claimed he was earning a base salary of $47,000 with a bonus of $10,000 before the restructure but his bonus had reduced to about $4000 a month. Source Stuff.co.nz